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  1. Why is the gay scene in Stockholm so bad? The str8 guys may be AMAZING but....
  2. The A to Z Guide on Dating Swedish Men
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This morning well Washington DC time , The Supreme Court of the United States announced its deliberation on two of the most explosive issues of the term: Specially, two cases were debated in front of the judges earlier in the year: To backup a bit, the United States is a behind when it comes to gay rights and equality. While in Sweden and most of Western Europe has legalized gay marriage, people in the US are embroiled in a bitter controversy […] Continue Reading….

The Proposition 8 lawsuit is an interesting case. The case reached the Supreme Court by ways of proponents of the proposition who were unsatisfied with the lower courts decision.

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Why is the gay scene in Stockholm so bad? The str8 guys may be AMAZING but....

You probably already know that Swedes loves their coffee. And they love to fika. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and New Year! The bunny wishes everyone a God Jul too. My top offbeat places in Stockholm, in no particular order. But when you add together Stockholm and driving, you know it cannot be good. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein.

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Jun 11, 07, 7: Original Poster. Going to Stockholm, been there before, but the gay scene stinks? Why is that? Proably the best looking population of str8 guys in the world but the gay guys are usually ugly and the bars stink? Moreover, you will often see str8 couples kissing outside in Slussen on weekend evenings but never gay guys in Galma Stan or even near isolated Linos. Anybody know places to go that are better than the standard ones? View Public Profile. I 2nd the question.

My friend and I will be making our first visit to Stockholm this summer Jul and we were wondering the same thing. Also we will be in Helsinki, so if anyone has info to add about that, would be great.

The A to Z Guide on Dating Swedish Men

Thanks, Gene. Jun 11, 07, 8: Go to any gym, you will be amazed at some of them. But the gay guys well Dont know what it is but will tell u this they are very intelligent. For a good all u can eat veg. I wasn't all that impressed with the Stockholm gay scene either although Patricia the bar on a boat on a Sunday night was lots of fun. Well, except for the outrageously priced drinks.

I did ask one guy about the gay scene in Stockholm, or lack thereof. According to him, Sweden is so liberal, so tolerant, etc.

Murder charges in gay dating site killing - The Local

Guess that makes some sense as I did go to a couple of mixed places that were comfortable and fun. As for Helsinki, never managed to find much gay anything there. Training buddys would be really nice! And if you don't mind me beeing a bear at the moment I'm open for any suggestions! Chemical engineer student living in Sweden.

1st Semester: 4 lessons I learned (Not included in the course syllabus)

I am staying in Berkeley for a few weeks this September and would like to meet some nice people to hang with: Scandinavian looks preferred: I'm a guy that loves to travel and to test my selves and my limits. I don't wanna revel to much about me, that's up to you to figure out ;. I am looking for new people who share the excitement of nutrition, exercise, but still have a balanced life were you can allow yourselves a break.

It is just as important to be social and relax, like there is with some good hours in the gym! Do you agree? Then say hello! Chilled out guy from India heading to Stockholm and Moscow for a vacation. Happy to catch up, hook up. Quick Search.

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